Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Garden Queen is Finally Finished

The piece is coming along nicely

from December 15th to now...

Garden Queen is coming along nicely. I love painting on wood. It has a textural feel to it, it is durable, and transports easily without damage. I like the structure of painting with my pals every Tuesday and will miss them during the holidays. It is good to be part of a painting group, as a second and third pair of eyes is often needed while I work. I have been playing with the idea of setting a gemstone into the Queen's crown. It would make the piece technically "Mixed media" but when I put one in there, it is hard to resist. I used real gold leaf paint on her crown and painting energy radiation with interference blue in the skies. Her scarf is a shimmering luster green and I am considering using some of the luster in the greenery she walks upon. I will post the completed painting soon when it is finished. Tune in again for the update. Keep painting and appreciating the painter in all of us as we watch the pieces come to life and mysteries unfold.

p.s I did opt for putting the gems in the queen's crown and also on her dress. I will post an updated photo as soon as I have finished shooting and editing it. Go paint the world as you see it!

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